Monday, June 20, 2011

Have you enrolled for AADHAAR card ?

Surprisingly there isn't any notice be it in news papers or in local media about the enrollment for AADHAAR card in Bangalore. Yes Government of India started enrolling people in Bangalore. Got to know from one of my friend and was surprised by not having heard about it in the media.

All you have to do is go to the below address

Karvy Data Management Services,
"Skanda" No 59, Putana Road,
Bangalore - 560 004.
Phone : 080 - 26621192/93

Ask for the UID form with the security guy outside office, its just one page form takes hardly couple of minutes to fill it. The security guy gives you a serial number and lets you in when your turn comes. The process takes hardly 10 mins but you gotta wait for at least an hour (may be few hours once the public announcement is done). So hurry up, go get enroll yourself. Office opens @ 0930 hrs and closes @ 1730 hrs.

And yeah dont forget to take photo copies of your age and address proof. For more information on what kind of proof is accepted go visit

I was pretty impressed by the process, they let me sit next to them while entering details and did ask me to verify if all the details are correct at least thrice. And they are really fast in entering details unlike other government enrollments I have experienced so far. Once they capture the biometrics they gave me acknowledgment copy and seems they will take around 60 days for processing which include verification of details given and if all goes well they will dispatch card to your address (given in the form).

Only think I noticed bit weird was, there is a column in the form asking if I was ok to link my bank account with my AADHAAR card and I have given my consent for the same. I didn't check that option at all, but the data entry person took her liberty to tick it (I mean she gave a consent on behalf of me) but I wonder how with out giving my bank account details :P

Any ways hope it will be of some use and people wont ruin the process by registering multiple times and what not.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Applying git patch on svn repository

We are working on a project which uses svn repository as a central repository which has controlled checkins as patches, If someone wants to contribute to that repository they have to submit the svn patch.

But we wanted to use git as a repository for obvious reasons, so we have a mirror git repository for svn in github.
Its as simple as running the following command to generate a patch from git which is compatible with svn.

changes.patch can be applied on to svn repository with out any issues.
Origin of this command can be found @

Friday, June 10, 2011

Enabling colors for maven output

I was exploring how to enable color to the maven output and came across this link which explains how to patch the maven libraries to enable color coding, but didn't like patching maven and all to enable simple color output for maven. Then came across this wonderful shell script which uses sed to enable the color for the output generated by maven. You could also change the colors for each of the patterns like INFO, ERRORS and WARNING, for that matter any particular pattern you want because its using sed. 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cool VIMRC options

Have you just started using vi ? looking for all the nice options that you can set in your .vimrc which makes your experience with vi even better ? check this out

Just follow the instructions given under section "Installing this vimrc manually" you are all set to use vi in a much better settings.