Friday, July 13, 2012

Jenkins Growl Notifier

If you are looking for a desktop growl notifier for your build runs on Jenkins, you are at the right place.

This does exactly that, at regular intervals it checks if any of the configured jobs had run and if so it figures the status and change set and notifies via growl.



Growl notifier command line tool has to be installed and should be available on PATH.

Installing from rubygems

$ gem install jenkinsgrowler

Building from source

$ git clone
$ cd jenkinsgrowler
$ rake
$ gem install pkg/jenkinsgrowler.gem


Usage: jenkinsgrowler [options]
    -s, --server SERVER_URL          URL of the jenkins server
    -j, --jobs JOBS                  Comma separated jobs names
    -i, --interval INTEVAL           Polling interval in seconds. Default (60 seconds)
    -u, --user USERNAME              Username for basic authentication
    -p, --password PASSWORD          Password for basic authentication
    -t, --timezone TIMEZONE          Servers timeone. Default (+0530)
    -h, --help                       Displays help message


Provide server url and job names to be monitored

$ jenkinsgrowler -s "" -j "GrowlerTest"

In the above example the is the jenkins continuous integration server url and GrowlerTest is a job name to be monitored.

You can also monitor more than one job by specifying comma spearate job names like

$ jenkinsgrowler -s "" -j "GrowlerTest, Job3"

Basic authentication

If your ci server is protected with basic authentication, you could just pass on the credentials to the jenkinsgrowler as shown below

$ jenkinsgrowler -s "" -j "GrowlerTest" -u "username" -p "password"

You can fork this on github